Class Description

Yoga for all ages and abilities

In each class students are encouraged to work within their own comfortable limits. Each of our bodies are unique and come with different ranges of flexibility and movement. When we practice with awareness and move with the breath the mind relaxes. With a relaxed mind students can progress deeper into postures, opening up the body as tension and stress is left behind.

Foundation Hatha  ~ Beginners & Seekers of Tension Release

Ideal for beginners or anyone looking  to free the body of stiffness and rigidity. Coordination of breath to movement is at the heart of this Foundation Hatha class. Working and coordinating with the breath helps you to mindfully discover your comfortable edge. As the Name suggests the class is aimed at helping students cultivate a solid foundation for their practice, increase mobility and release stress and tension from the body.

Many students choose to stay with this class as they feel its the right level of practice for their body while others progress on to the Hatha Flow class after establishing a good foundation and connection with the breath.

Hatha Flow ~ Mixed level

Coordination of movement to breath is as always at the heart of this practice. Hatha Flow provides a more dynamic practice helping to build strength and flexibility while evolving and deepening your practice.

Variations can be provided in each posture ensuring students are always working within their comfortable limits.  This is a mixed level class with beginners and more experienced practitioners practicing alongside one another.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Translates as ‘Yoga Sleep’, it is and incredible practice open to everyone and is completely effortless. Each Class begins with some gentle movement to help settle the body, followed by the Yoga Nidra practice which is usually done lying down. It promotes deep healing and very profound rest at every level of being: physical, mental and emotional. It works systematically through each aspect of a human being bringing about an incredible balance through the whole body. This balance enables those systems of the body that are out of sync to move towards optimum functioning, for example;

  • Settles muscles in the digestive tract
  • Erratic breathing settles and finds a smooth natural rhythm
  • Heart rate becomes steady
  • Often tension headaches or eye ache disappears as muscles in the neck relax

The combination of deep physical rest, revitalization and settling of emotions and thoughts results in improved productivity, heightened intelligence and enhanced creativity. Some of the ailments and conditions Yoga Nidra is incredibly effective in the treatment of include;

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Chronic and acute pain