Bharath Shetty Workshop 2023

Bharath Shetty Yoga Workshop Cork
Born in India, Bharath Shetty started practising at a young age and developed a keen interest in yoga after it helped him deal with chronic asthma. He studied with the late B.K.S. Iyengar and graduated from both the Vivekananda Kendra Yoga Institute and from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. At the age of 19 he opened his first studio. In 2005, Indea Yoga was set up in Mysore where he teaches Mysore style classes and teacher trainings.


Santosha Yoga Cork, Crestfield Centre, Glanmire, Cork


Event Dates

April 29th – May 1st 2023

It is with great delight and honor that for the third year I will be hosting my teacher Bharath Shetty from Mysore, India for a 3-day yoga workshop.
Bharath has been a source of constant inspiration and guidance in my own practice and teaching. This weekend promises to provide deep nourishment to those already on the yogic journey and those coming to yoga for the first time.
During the three days, Bharath will help you develop your personal skills, focusing on asana (physical practice) and philosophical aspects, considering yoga through the concepts of body, spirit, and breath. The workshop is open to all, from beginner to experienced students.
For more about Bharath please visit
Each workshop will comprise of 90min Asanas (Physical Practice) & 60min of Philosophy/Pranayama/Meditation/Mudras/Kriyas & also Q&A (Satsang)
Asana focus will vary each session, working the body in all directions to create balance. Please see schedule below for details.


Saturday 29th


Intro to Body, Breath & Mind

Kriyas & “Asana” 5 Directional Movements and the Importance of Breath Coordination


Hip Opening & Counting Meditation

Sunday 30th


Balancing & Pranayama


Forward Bending & Chakra Meditation

Monday 1st


Inversions & Mudras


Back Bending & Twisting + Deep Relaxation (Yoga nidra)


€250 for all 6 workshops (€200 Early Bird)

€50 per single session (€40 Early Bird)

Early bird prices are available until 20th March 2023.


Full payment is required to secure your place. Payment can be made via bank transfer or in class if you practice with me, to find out more information or to book, please follow the link below