Bharath Shetty Yoga Workshop Cork
Bharath Shetty Yoga Workshop Cork


Santosha Yoga Cork,

Crestfield Centre,




Event Dates

May 24th – 26th

OSIRU is a unique and life changing yoga workshop series designed and led by beloved Acharya Bharat Shetty of Bharatha Yoga (IndeaYoga) in Mysuru, India. His wit, his humor and his relatable method of teaching the science of yoga will help you become the most present, healthy, and joyful version of YOU! Advance your understanding of yoga as you experience more ways to feel healthy and strong, while learning to feel more emotional balance and spiritual connection in your daily life.


Each part of this series is a special 2.5 hour workshop where Acharya Bharat uses education, playful physical asana practices, potent breathing techniques, and powerful meditation methods to enhance your understanding, well-being and inner peace.


Regardless of experience or fitness level, the OSIRU Workshop Series will uplift your body, mind and soul- while leaving you feeling empowered and inspired to carry your learnings into everyday living.


Friday 24th
6pm – 8.30pm , Practical Foundations

The power of OSIRU is established in this essential workshop as Acharya Bharat shares the important foundations of the practices. Feel the confidence of certainty, clarity, and focus as you learn. Experience stability and harmony that arise during the Practical Foundation Workshop.


Saturday 25th
10am- 12.30pm ,Stabilizing Standing

The second part of OSIRU builds upon the firm foundations of part one by developing your focus, strength and stability in the Stabilizing Standing Workshop. Physical asanas will develop your skills in Standing and Balancing postures, as your legs, back and core develop new strength.


Pranayama experiences will teach how understanding and connecting with your breathing can enhance your focus, improve your performance, and bring you enhanced mental clarity and focus.


2 pm – 4.30 pm – Holistic Hip Openers

In the Holistic Hip Openers Workshop, Acharya Bharat takes you deeper inside the body and the mind. This third part of the OSIRU Series teaches you hip flexibility and mobility techniques from foundational to advanced. This intensive physical asana practice is then paired with a deep relaxation experience of Yoga Nidra Meditation. This deeply relaxing meditative practice is simple to follow, restful and profoundly peaceful. While recalibrating the central nervous system and bringing harmony to the two halves of the brain.

Sunday 26th
11.30am – 2pm, Playful Inversions 

The fourth workshop of OSIRU brings play, power, and inspiration, so prepare to smile. In Playful Inversions, Acharya Bharat Shetty helps you understand the techniques and the preparatory asanas involved for a safe, fun, inspiring, and well-balanced inversion practice. By learning how specific yoga postures prepare the body, and the best ways to playfully engage them, Inversions teach us to find focus, tranquillity and joy in yoga and life. During this workshop, you will also learn the power of Mudras, and how they enhance our energy, our focus, and the rewards of yoga practice.


3.30 pm- 6 pm, Breath-taking Backbends

In the final workshop of OSIRU, the healing and energizing impacts of Back Bending and Twisting bring wholeness to the Series and to your physical wellness. Learn asana practices and techniques that strengthen your spine, energize your body and bring health to your muscles and your mind. Acharya Bharat builds upon all of the week’s experiences in this final workshop, which closes with a second, special, deep relaxation during the last Nidra Meditation. This workshop ensures that the series and it’s effects continue onward with you even after the final OM is spoken.


€200 for all 5 workshops (€150 Early Bird)


€50 per single session (€40 Early Bird)


Early bird prices are available until 20th April 2024.


Full payment is required to secure your place. Payment can be made via bank transfer or in class if you practice with me, to find out more information or to book, please follow the link below