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Welcome to Santosha Yoga Cork

At the heart of my intention here at Santosha Yoga Cork is to help you move well and breathe well so you can be well.


I endeavor to share all that I’ve learned and come to understand on my journey with yoga thus far, one of the fundamental elements that guide my practice and teaching is Santosha ( contentment )  


My exploration into the world of yoga began in Cork in 2011……

Yoga For Everyone

From gentle paced joint specific classes to more opening and dynamic, we have a class style to engage all levels of experience.


Weekly classes in Glanmire, Watergrasshill and the Radisson Blu Little Island.


A time to create space and gather yourself.  Day and weekend retreats are held throughout the year, from the glistening Roaringwater Bay in West Cork to the rugged Galtee mountains.


What our clients say...